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At first sorry for my english:) I am writing post here because i trying contact support few times with no luck.
I just bought Club 3D radeon HD 7770. Problem is that my LCD monitor only has VGA cable(D-SUB). This graphics card has VGA port and DVI-D(digital only), So when i connect my monitor to this port i got no red color at all(Screen has blue tint,but is readable).Monitor works OK on old graphics card. This problem is also in bios so reinstalling windows/drivers does not help. I was trying different cable –  same results. Whats is weird graphics card work fine on my old monitor so monitor does not work ONLY with this graphics card and vice versa.AMD support claim that is some incompability issue and updating VBIOS can help, but Club 3D does not provide bios update, also bios update remove warranty.
Is there any way to fix this issue?

my rig:
Radeon HD7770
PSU 550W
Phenom x4 965be 3.4ghz
6gb ram
Monitor Samsung S22B150n

Thanks in advance

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0 on 09-12-2014

Hi Korsair,
I suspect that there is a component that it could be damaged that is causing the red color missing when you plug in the display. Please check if you could plug a different monitor to see if you can verify the results. If yes then please proceed to exchange the card at the place where you bought it. If not, then please check either the monitor settings or the cable that you are using.
Have more questions please contact us when possible.
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