Problem with the fan – HD 7850

Updated on 22-12-2015 in HD 7000 Series
4 on 18-12-2015

Fan at my 7850, that 4 monts old, didn’t spin until temperature rise up to 91°C. Than it start spinning with 100% speed until the temperature drop to 65°C. Than – stops.I try use OverDrive to set up speed manualy, but i can change speed of the fan only between 78-100%. if I set the speed below 78% the fan stops.

Update motherboard BIOS? – Yes
Update drivers? – Yes
Uninstall drivers with DDU in safe mode, and than install latest? – Yes
Uninstall all other VGA related additional software? – Yes

Nothing doesn’t help.

What else i can do?


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0 on 21-12-2015

Hi Aleks,

If you used an upgrade function to got o WIN10, you could try this±

Please make sure your documents/pictures/music etc. is safe.
Go to settings, recovery, reset this PC, chose Remove Everything (you should have your personal files safely copied on USB stick or USB HDD).
Such clean install of WIN10 normally make the system work better and will also remove older versions of the OS which saves you lots of space.

If that does not work, please claim warranty form the place of purchase.

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2 on 22-12-2015

I called the seller and was told that this is not a warranty case, since the device works.

Do you think such a problem covered by the warranty?

on 22-12-2015

Hi Aleks, are you already in contact with our RMA team in regards to this issue? If not, please contact them via [email protected] so they can help work towards to a solution. Thanks.

on 22-12-2015

Thank you. I did not know about such a possibility. Already I wrote an e-mail

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