R9 280x made in china…???

Updated on 21-08-2015 in R9 280 Series
9 on 11-06-2015

I just bought R9 280x RoyalQueen …
and here labeled “MADE IN CHINA” is right China that makes this … or this the fake one …?

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4 on 11-06-2015

What seems to be the problem with the card?

on 11-06-2015

Yes… there are some problems in here…

if my GPU temperature reaches 55-60 degrees…
the screen is always die (black screen) … but the PC is still running ,
it is normal…?
This problem always happens after I plug it to the motherboard… :(
before i plug , this problem never come out…?

on 13-06-2015

Can you tell us your system configuration and OS?
Please detail the drivers you are using as well.
On the specifications please detail the make and model
Check if you have also updated Windows and also your mainboard BIOS.

on 02-08-2015

OS   : Win7 Ultimate
Proc : AMD Athlon II X2 3.0 Ghz
Ram : 2Gb
PowerSupply :inForce 500w

This problem does not appear if it is in normal condition / idle and
This problem does not appear if I‘m playing games with downclocking my GPU

thanks before

on 02-08-2015

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3 on 07-08-2015

Hi Elloconnors, most likely your powersupply is to blame. When OC-ing your card the power draw increases substantially. In 99% of the cases your PSU is not able to provide the power needed for your card. Note that 500w is very low for any high performance card. Do you know how many amps it has on the 12v rail?

on 09-08-2015

what is amps ??? I do not know how many exactly
so I had to replace / upgrade my PSU ???
ya I already guessed it before, that the problems on my PSU but I’m still not sure.

Can I ask your advice ??? for your recommendation PSU ??? (single GPU)

thanks before sir

on 09-08-2015

and is R9 280x RoyalQueen support for DX12…???

thanks again.

on 21-08-2015

Hi Elloconnors, there are some PSU’s we can recommend from Corsair, for example their RM series: http://www.corsair.com/se-fi/psus/rm-series 

For information on AMD DirectX12 support for existing products please visit: http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/dx12

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