Radeon HD 7790 ’13 series blocking Win 8.1 to Win10 upgrade

Updated on 21-08-2015 in HD 7000 Series
2 on 16-08-2015

Ik have two Win 8.1 PC’s that only have this graphics card as an overlapping HW element. They run absolutely fine on 8.1.

On both PC’s I get the Win10 “update Driver”-stage to crawl to sloth. It takes 48 hours to get to 67%, and I don’t think it will finish. I have tried the uplift to Win10  in total 7 times, on both PC’s, using all variations (direct upgrade, direct upgrade with network pulled etc, the same with a Win10 upgrade-stick etc. Deinstalled the AMD drivers, deinstalled antivirus. Nothing works, and all have the same pattern, grinding to a near halt after about 56% on the progress indicator.
The latest try even with the approved MS Windows Update instead of the Media creation tool, as my upgrade was approved.

I think the graphics card is the problem, some HW compatibility issue that is not a problem in Win8.1.

Is there a BIOS upgrade for this card, or are there other tips that allow me to i.e. disable the card whilst I upgrade (the i5 3350P does not have graphics I think)?

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1 on 21-08-2015

Hi Stangg, no BIOS upgrade for your card is needed to use it with Windows 10. Is a fresh Windows 10 install an option or do you need to upgrade? Best is to try to delete the AMD drivers, make sure the PC is completely virus and malware free, upgrade to Windows 10 and install the latest AMD Driver. 

Can you please contact our support team at: [email protected] and provide info on the configuration of your PC’s? They are able to help you with troubleshooting for a solution. Thanks.

on 21-08-2015

Hi Royalking,
Thanks for your attention. I have also submitted this question with Microsoft, and already attempted the driver removal and then reinstall.

I will shortly list the full inventory for both PC’s.

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