Radeon HD 7850 EYEFINITY 6

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I bought and essembled the RADEON HD 7850 EYEFINITY 6.
Unfortunately the pc does not recognise the Card. I did connect all 6 Monitors with a mini-Display port to hdmi cable. Two out of six Screens are working but they display only one and the same picture.
I also installed the latest Driver.
Since everything should actually run perfectly in my opinion I have no idea what else to do.
Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Thank you

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5 on 22-03-2017

Good day maximwertt,

In general:
A HD7850 card will standard support 2 screens, if you want to connect more screens you will ned to enable the “Eyefinity” feature, you do that by using (one of) the DP ouputs of the card. In this thats an easy one 😉
When using screens with DP input, you can just connect with “normal” or “passive”adapter / cables. When using screens without DP input you will need active adapters/cables with eyefinity support from the 3rd screen onwards.

So for use of screens without DP input it should be like this:
Screen 1: Connect with “normal/passive” adapter / cable
Screen 2: Connect with “normal/passive” adapter / cable
Screen 3: Connect with active adapter with eyefinity support + normal HDMI cable
Screen 4: Connect with active adapter with eyefinity support + normal HDMI cable
Screen 5: Connect with active adapter with eyefinity support + normal HDMI cable
Screen 6: Connect with active adapter with eyefinity support + normal HDMI cable

Active Adapter with eyefinity support:
CAC-1170 = Mini DP to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter with eyefinity support

on 22-03-2017

Thank you for your quick response.
If I fullfill all of the criteria you mentioned above, would it than be possible to use all 6 Screens independendly or will they display only one big picture?

on 23-03-2017

Both you can chose to set the screens as “Extended” and place individual windows on each, or chose to make an SLS with the AMD Driver or i believe it is called “Eyefinity Group” in the AMD Software.
Which Cables/Adapters are you using (brand/type?)
Which driver version are you currently using ?

on 23-03-2017

I´am using normal mini-displayport to HDMI cables. Not the cheapest but nothing special. Can´t remember the brand.
The driver is called “Radeon Software Crimson Edition”. Must be the newest since it was the first driver which I was offered on the AMD website.
I already ordered the active adapter. I think you´re right, cause the PC recognizes all six monitors but is able to only use two simultaneously.

on 23-03-2017

Edit: Radeon Software Edition “Cimson ReLive” 17.3.2

on 23-03-2017

Hi Maximwertt.

That driver is very new for the card you have. 
I would try something like 16.8.3, that is the latest before they started adjusting the drivers for 400 series.
Dont get me wrong i am not saying it will not work with 17.3.3, but we have not tested that.
With regards to the cable adapters I was wondering … If you do not now the brand or type of the DP to HDMI cables you have, how do you now if the are in fact active and have eyefinity support ?
What setup are you making with the screens 2 rows of 3 next to each other in lanscape ?

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1 on 28-03-2017

Hi MST1407,

today I installed all the active adapters and it almost works perfectly except of one monitor.
The PC as well as  the graphic card only recognizes five monitors. And I can use them the way I want -> two rows of 3 next to each other everyone display a new window. I do not use the eyefinity option.
Do you have any idea what the prolem is, or is it impossible to displpay 6 monitors at the same time ?

on 29-03-2017

To make sure the cable + adapters are good:
please exchange the adapter and cable from a screen that does work on the screen that does not work. 
To make sure the output on the card is ok:
Please switch the adapter from the screen that does not work to an output of a screen that does work.

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