Radeon R5 230 pci express x1 card and asus J1900I-C modtherboard

Updated on 16-03-2016 in R5 Series
3 on 09-03-2016

I have tried to put a Radeon R5 230 pci express x1 card in my ASUS J1900I-C modtherboard, the result was a black screen, do the two devices not work together?

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2 on 10-03-2016

Hi Jmorten,

I have no feedback of that not working, other than your message …
I would think it is most probably a driver issue.
Please try this :
 Start System in safe mode
Un-install all VGA related software, including Intel Grphics Driver and/or Control Center and other software like Afterburner or other tuning software.
 It is important to do this on safe mode so that the registry can be cleaned.
 If the system does not allow you to do remove In safe mode, please use a program like DDU

Place the R5 230 PCI-X 1 card.
Reboot system (normal mode). 
Windows will ask to install driver, just click that away (close).

Got to AMD for download and installation of latest driver for your card and OS

on 14-03-2016

Thanks for the help, it all works now :o)

on 16-03-2016

good to hear 🙂

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