Radeon R9 270 Royal Queen Club 3D HDMI-problems.

Updated on 27-01-2016 in R9 270 Series
2 on 26-01-2016

So usually i was playing on my 42″ flat screen but since i wanted a pc monitor to get a better picture i changed down to a 27″ Samsung now…

The old 42″ ran on Hdmi and has never been a problem. The new 27″ tho cant connect to my uncles pc without a problem, but on my RoyalQueen it only wants to use the DVI input which apparently cant go further than 1600/1200 which should be able to go to 1920/1080.

Problem is i want to use the HDMI and want the 1920/1080 again on my new monitor i have tried disabling onboard gfx card to see if that was the problem, i’ve even run the monitor with HDMI on the onboard gfx card and that wasnt a problem.

So im thinking i need a bios update for the gfx card but how to get that ? and or do you guys have any other tips or tricks ?

Also at the start my monitor would show a generic pnp monitor, now it actually says in the device manager that it is a samsung(model number) HDMI…

But still only working through dvi.

help ? 🙂


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1 on 26-01-2016

Did send some pictures of my serial number and stuff on the backside of my card. 🙂

on 27-01-2016

got it and replied

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