Theatron DD drivers (Win10) (CMS-THDD)

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I recently undusted my Theatron DD audio-card (the sticker on the device reads “CMS-THDD”) and would like to install it on my PC running Windows10 x64, but I cannot find drivers for it.
I found some older topics here from people asking for drivers, and they are given a link to drivers but those links seem to have expired.
I would kindly ask for drivers for my hardware, and wonder why I cannot find any on the website… I guess I am not looking hard enough, but even the search did not bring up anything useful.
If there are no W10 drivers, please give me a download link for W8 or W7 even. Anything is better than nothing.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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Good day Fritsjof,
You could not find it on the website because it is not there, we stopped selling this product early 2012 and stopped support for it a few years ago.
Anyway, [email protected] will send you an email with link to the standard CMedia driver corresponding with your soundcard. Should work well.

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Thanks a lot for the quick reply and for sending that email!

on 07-05-2018

very welcome

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