Using an usb extension cable with a usb wifi adapter

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I was hoping for some input regarding using a Club3D USB 3.2 Gen2 Type A Extension Cable 10Gbps M/F 5m/16.40ft ( to extend the antenna of my USB-AX56 (a 802.11ax usb wifi adapter). I am reading stories on how older type usb cables with this length weren’t able to process data properly. In my case my internet connection depends on it. I need to exend the antenna. 3 meter will do probably, but a 5 meter extension means I am able to work the cable through a thin wall which means I can put the antenna in direct view of my Unifi AP).

Purely looking at throughput max my motherboard (usb port), the wifi adapter and the usb 3.2 gen 2 extension cable should theoretically be able to reach maximum throughput speeds (based on max througput from my Unifi AP which is nearby).

Will this setup work properly? Hope there are people with similar setup/experiences….:)


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In theory this should work, if both the Motherboard and Antenna support USB3.2 gen2 speeds (10Gbps) then there should not be a problem.

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Thanks for your reply. I think I will take my chance then. I do ran into a dillema on what type of Club3d cable would be better. Apparently there are several versions of the usb extension cable. The one I mentioned above is a standard one:

But they also have an active repeater cable as usb extension:

It is unclear to me what version I should chose. Any suggestions perhaps? 




on 19-09-2022

The CAC-1411 is USB3.2 gen2 = 10Gbps – It extends the signal.

The CAC-1401 is USB3.2 gen1 = 5Gpbs (this is EOL and you should look for the CAC-1404) – This repeats the signal and it might need a micro USB to power the repeater, but in your case it might not be needed as the Antenna only supports up to 1800Mpbs.

That is the main difference the two cables have.

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