Warranty trouble after installing an aftermarket cooler

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I’ve replaced the stock cooler with an aftermarket one (I had to break the warranty sticker on the screw) on my Club 3D HD7750, some time later the card stopped working (black screen, checked on two computers). I’ve read on the Internet that I need to put back the stock cooler, so I did and I sent the card to the seller. A month later I’ve been told that they can’t replace my card because the warranty sticker is broken.

For example here you say it should be fine: https://insights.club-3d.com/thread/club-3d-and-the-stock-cooler-warranty-in-eu-2/

Can I send the card directly to you? Is breaking the warranty sticker fine with you?

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2 on 15-06-2015

Can you send a mail to [email protected] and ask them to see if your serial number is still under warranty?

on 15-06-2015

I got response from support and they said that the serial number has no warranty anymore.

on 16-06-2015

Sorry to hear about that.
Ask them how much it will cost to service the card. Probably it will be cheaper than buying a new card.

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