What options do i have for getting 4K 120hz HDR into a LG C9 over hdmi?

Updated on 11-06-2019 in Graphics cards
1 on 11-06-2019

Are there any video cards, or ports that can output 4k120hz hdr over hdmi?

If i get the latest videocard, the 2080ti, it has hdmi, displayport and usb-c ports. 

Are any of these ports and any combination of CLub3d adapters able to output 4k120hz in hdr over a hdmi cable?

I think i already know the answer, but wanted to confirm from the experts.


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0 on 11-06-2019

Hi pittyh,

to addresss your first question, no there are no videocards availeble that have an output of [email protected] over hdmi

to answer you second question, not yet.


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