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Updated on 17-12-2014 in Members Lounge
3 on 08-12-2014

I’d love to have the r9 290 graphics card to complete my first gaming rig. This is what I currently game on: 

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2 on 17-12-2014

what else do you have for your new rig?

on 17-12-2014

This is my Rig:
i7 4790k
Corsair H100i cooler
Gigabyte Z97 UD5H
Crucial SSD 512gb
WD 1tb HDD
Corsair Vengeance 2x 8gb RAM
Samsung DVD writer
Corsair 450d Case(not yet)
Gigabyte GTX 970(not yet)
Corsair rm850w(not yet)

I’ve got only the last three components left. 

on 17-12-2014


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