Club3D CAC-1557 Issue: No signal DP -> USB-C

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7 on 01-11-2022

I’ve bought Club3D DisplayPort – USB-C cable CAC-1557 but I have an issue with it.The cable works fine when I try to connect my phone (android, USB-C) to an external display that accepts signal via DisplayPort. I can mirror my phone’s screen and everything functions perfectly… however…

When connecting DP to my RTX3080 and USB-C into external monitor nothing seems to happen. I cant see the monitor being connected in windows nor in Device manager. It’s as if the cable has no connection at all. This is my primary use case and I specifically bought this cable because it claims to be bi-directional.


Browsing this issue I’ve found the thread ( that seems to be having similar issue. However, I wasn’t able to find a link to the firmware update that was mentioned there.

Is there anything else I can do besides e-mailing support on this issue? Thanks!

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4 on 02-11-2022

Which External display are you trying to connect?

on 02-11-2022

nReal Air glasses (USB-C, using Alt.Dp mode)

on 03-11-2022

I think the USB-C is trying to get power. As state on their website:

*Nreal Glasses don’t have built-in batteries. The time here is tested with a fully charged phone with a 4000mAh battery capacity, connected to WiFi at the lowest screen brightness.

DP to USB-C doesn’t supply any power. Only video.It works with your phone because it has a charged battery of it’s own.

Only choice you have is go USB-C to USB-C with video and Power Delivery cables. Like the CAC-1535 or CAC-1576, CAC-1575.


on 03-11-2022

Interesting thing… The problem is that I dont have usb-c in my GPU (nor in my computer for that matter) so I just naturally assumed that “if it fits it also works”… but apparently not 🙁

on 04-11-2022

No sadly it won’t “work” when it fits in your case 🙁 Maybe you have an older RTX20s series or an AMD RX6000 series. Those bring an USB-C connector on the GPU. Those will work with your glasses for USB-C to USB-C.

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1 on 17-11-2022

You need a solution that combines DisplayPort and USB, not just DisplayPort.

What link rate do the glasses require? The resolution is only 3840 by 1080. HBR2 link rate can do that up to 120Hz, 10bpc.

The Belkin Charge and Sync Cable can do USB 2.0 + HBR3 link rate (DP 1.4) 4 lanes. It”s a really long cable made for VR glasses but it also works with normal USB-C displays.

The Wacom Link Plus can do USB 2.0 + HBR2 link rate (DP 1.2) 4 lanes. Do your glasses come with a USB-C cable?

A Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 add-in card for a desktop PC can give you a proper USB-C output. USB 3.x + 2 lanes of HBR3 or USB 2.0 with 4 lanes of HBR3.

The Club-3D CAC-1336 converts HDMI 2.1 to USB-C/DisplayPort 1.4 (USB 2.0 with 4 lanes of HBR3). If it doesn’t work, then you can make it work by connecting some other stuff. I don’t know if it supplies enough power. The USB-C output might not be compatible with active cables or something. Maybe the CAC-1535 would help in that case (I haven’t tried that). The CAC-1336 is just built wrong for proper USB-C support – I was able to get it to work by connecting a Thunderbolt 4 hub to the USB-C output of the CAC-1336. Then I can connect any USB-C cable or adapter to the Thunderbolt 4 hub.


on 18-11-2022

For the record: these glasses are natively 1080p60 with 10bpc so anything that can work in alt.DP mode and transfer power through the same cable should work. So if the adapter or dongle does not have separate cable for power, it will not work for such a case.

Thanks for the pointers for some adapters that should work and the ones that dont. I’m sure it will come in handy for everyone who’s looking for using nReal glasses (and I assume displays with combined data & power delivery USB-C) with their PCs.

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