Club3D Radeon HD 7870 Joker – Loud noise and high temps

Updated on 06-04-2016 in HD 7000 Series
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I’ve been using this card for a long time, but when i tried it out first time the card made loud noise on idle and on load.

I’m currently having 1 browser with a video going on at the background and the temperature is about 63-80 celcius. Occasionally the fan goes insane, making sounds like a helicopter. I guess i don’t need to mention about playing…

I thought it might be because of my case, so i went on and bought a new one. Made proper cable managing, applied extra fans and so on, but that didn’t cure the problem.

I also did the trick you told in this post: – But still no help.

There is no dust and i have replaced the thermal paste several times.

Any clue what is going on?


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0 on 06-04-2016

Hi Roni, thank you for joining our forum. Can you send us an email detailing the situation and issue? Please send to [email protected] then our technical team can have a look at it and assist you quickly! Thanks.

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