CAC-1087 with Nvidia RTX 2070 Super and LG Oled C2

5 on 16-01-2023

I recently bought Club-3D CAC-1087 with the idea to enable 4k 120Hz towards my LC Oled C2 with RTX 2070 Super.

Currently, I am struggling to enable even standard 4k resolution in 60hz to work stably.

TV constantly stops to recognize input via this cable. Once I change specific resolution settings (I can’t make my desktop fit normally), there is a high chance that the TV will lose input via this cable.

Compared with a standard HDMI connection and Club-3D CAC-1087, with Club-3D CAC-1087, it seems that the TV cannot receive a full 4k signal.
Has anyone been able to make this or similar setup work in a stable manner supporting 4k 120Hz? Any configuration tips, driver versions, etc.  

Appreciate any help here.

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1 on 16-01-2023

I tried following settings, and as long as LG HDMI Deep Color is set to 4k, the TV just doesn’t recognize input from Graphics Card.

on 17-01-2023

What happens when you disconnect the AOC display?

Also disable Gsync if you haven’t tried that yet.

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0 on 17-01-2023

So, after around 6 hours of testing and dancing, the above settings started work, and I have stable 4K 120Hz with HDR. 
Also, disabled G-Sync both from a TV perspective and Graphics Card Perspective. I think it could have been causing some of the issues with the compatibility since the cable doesn’t support G-Sync.

The question is, should 4:2:2 subsampling work is still up in the air but will continue testing and post updates.

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0 on 28-01-2023

The current crop of HDMI 2.1 adapters only support 4K120 or maybe 8K30 or 8K60 4:2:0 and don’t support VRR. If an adapter supports 8K60 then it should report support for 4K240.

The PS196 is a newer DisplayPort to HDMI 2.1 protocol converter chip from Parade. I think it supports VRR and 8K60. I don’t know if you can buy an adapter that uses that chip yet.
The PS196 specs say it supports DisplayPort 2.0 but it appears to be limited to HBR3 link rate which is the max for DisplayPort 1.4 so I don’t know what features DisplayPort 2.0 adds for adapters made with this chip.

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0 on 08-04-2023


I use a CAC-1087 but i m not able to get 4k120Hz working. Above 1080p the limit is 60Hz that the adapter is able to put to the TV.

Setup: Windows 11 on AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970x > ASUS ROG ZENITH II EXTREME > Nvidia RTX A4000 (Output:DisplayPort) > CLUB 3D CAC-1087 > LG OLED42C24LA (Input: HDMI)

How on earth do these Adapters behave so different?
I tried the settings above… no chance to get 4K120Hz signal on the TV.

If i add a CAC-1085 on another DisplayPort on the RTX A4000 and connect it to another HDMI Input (E.g. HDMI 2) of the TV, then the following setup works:
Clone the Display 1 and 2 via Nvidia Control Panel, set Display 2 (E.g CAC-1085) as primary and resolution to 4K120Hz then the TV is able to get Input Signal also on HDMI 1 (via CAC-1087). As soon as i remove the CAC-1085 everything drops back to only 4K60Hz possible.

Will a Firmwar Update of the CAC-1087 help me to use only the CAC-1087 with 4K120Hz?

Kind regards




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