CSV-1564W100 display issue

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I have the following notebook: Asus TUF Gaming F15.
The description of the Type-C port is: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C/DisplayPort combo port.
I can see this next to the port: SS (==SuperSpeed) + USB icon with the number 10 (==10 Gbit/s) + D (==DisplayPort)

All other ports – USBs, Ethernet – of the docking station are working fine but no video signal.
I tried all video ports – HDMI, DisplayPort, analog – without any success.

The Windows 10 monitor detection does not find the external display (it is a simple full HD Samsung).

What should I do?

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Are you trying to give power trough the dockingstation to the notebook? That will not work. From what I understand your notebook draws 150Watts where the dock delivers 100watts.

And if everything works but the video does not, seems like the USB-C does not support DP ALT mode, can you link your exact notebook. Also what display are you trying to connect?

Is there a display connected to the HDMI2.0b connection on the notebook?

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thanks for replying.

The exact type of the notebook: FX706LI-HX177T (ASUS TUF Gaming F17).

The manual is here:

The port description in the manual (page 25):
“The USB 3.2 (Universal Serial Bus 3.2) Gen 2 Type-C port provides a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbit/s and is
backward compatible to USB 2.0. Use a USB Type-C adapter to connect your notebook PC to and external display.”

I can see the following notations next to the Type-C port on the notebook: 10 and D, is should mean 10 Gbit/s and DisplayPort, so the manual is correct.

The wiring is simple (NB-notebook, DS-docking station):
– The NB has its own powder adapter, it’s always connected.
– The red USB port of the DS power supply is connected to the red Type-C port of the DS.
– The Type-C port of the NB is connected to the input port of the DS (angled connector).

The USB and the Ethernet ports of the DS work properly.

I tried to connect a Samsung full HD monitor to the DS. It has these inputs: analog, HDMI, DisplayPort.
Neither of them work (DS analog -> monitor analog, DS HDMI -> monitor HDMI, DS DP -> monitor DP).

I had an idea: what if the DS tries to power the NB if the DS power supply is connected despite the NB has a power adapter?
I disconnected the power supply of the DS. The result is the same.

I checked it with another notebook (15 inch version, same hardware) – no success.

I’m a bit confused with the DP Alt mode. Are there DisplayPort compatible USB-C ports without DP Alt support OR DP Alt mode == USB-C with DisplayPort support?

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