CSV-1564W100 display issue

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I have the following notebook: Asus TUF Gaming F15.
The description of the Type-C port is: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C/DisplayPort combo port.
I can see this next to the port: SS (==SuperSpeed) + USB icon with the number 10 (==10 Gbit/s) + D (==DisplayPort)

All other ports – USBs, Ethernet – of the docking station are working fine but no video signal.
I tried all video ports – HDMI, DisplayPort, analog – without any success.

The Windows 10 monitor detection does not find the external display (it is a simple full HD Samsung).

What should I do?

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3 on 10-01-2022

Are you trying to give power trough the dockingstation to the notebook? That will not work. From what I understand your notebook draws 150Watts where the dock delivers 100watts.

And if everything works but the video does not, seems like the USB-C does not support DP ALT mode, can you link your exact notebook. Also what display are you trying to connect?

Is there a display connected to the HDMI2.0b connection on the notebook?

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thanks for replying.

The exact type of the notebook: FX706LI-HX177T (ASUS TUF Gaming F17).

The manual is here:

The port description in the manual (page 25):
“The USB 3.2 (Universal Serial Bus 3.2) Gen 2 Type-C port provides a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbit/s and is
backward compatible to USB 2.0. Use a USB Type-C adapter to connect your notebook PC to and external display.”

I can see the following notations next to the Type-C port on the notebook: 10 and D, is should mean 10 Gbit/s and DisplayPort, so the manual is correct.

The wiring is simple (NB-notebook, DS-docking station):
– The NB has its own powder adapter, it’s always connected.
– The red USB port of the DS power supply is connected to the red Type-C port of the DS.
– The Type-C port of the NB is connected to the input port of the DS (angled connector).

The USB and the Ethernet ports of the DS work properly.

I tried to connect a Samsung full HD monitor to the DS. It has these inputs: analog, HDMI, DisplayPort.
Neither of them work (DS analog -> monitor analog, DS HDMI -> monitor HDMI, DS DP -> monitor DP).

I had an idea: what if the DS tries to power the NB if the DS power supply is connected despite the NB has a power adapter?
I disconnected the power supply of the DS. The result is the same.

I checked it with another notebook (15 inch version, same hardware) – no success.

I’m a bit confused with the DP Alt mode. Are there DisplayPort compatible USB-C ports without DP Alt support OR DP Alt mode == USB-C with DisplayPort support?

on 14-02-2022

Is the display working without the docking station? Have you tried other displays?

All ports on the dock work but those that need to give display do not. This reads as if your USB-C port does not have (or it’s broken) USB-C Alt mode (or USB-C with DisplayPort support as ASUS calls it).

on 11-05-2022

We bought a cheap Gembird adapter (A-CM-HDMIF-01, https://gembird.com/item.aspx?id=9764).
– I tested with a Dell Latitude notebook, it works with the Gembird adapter and the CSV-1564W100 docking station as well.
– The Asus notebook work with the Gembird adapter perfectly.
– The Asus notebook do not work with the CSV-1564W100 docking station.

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