CSV-1564W100 keeps getting stuck and needs to be fully powered off

Updated on 16-11-2021 in USB Type C
3 on 20-10-2021

We have several CSV-1564W100 that we use with dell laptops.  We are having issues that we need to keep rebooting them, as the stop functioning.  Anyone else having this issue?

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2 on 20-10-2021

Which Dell laptops (all the same?) are you using? And how are they connected? Are you using the CAC-1903 that comes with it or the Dell Adapter?

Does this also happen when you connect it to a different laptop?

What peripherals are connected to the CSV-1564W100?


on 15-11-2021

I have a similar issue using HP dragonfly laptops. Ethernet cable, 2 – 22″ displays, a keyboard and mouse are connected to the Dock. When in a video conference meeting CSV-1564W100 frequently powers off requiring a complete disconnect of all devices and a reconnect of same. is there a firmware update to the dock that might help? It is maddening when this happens in a court hearing
I have had this happen with multiple users. Laptop Bios is up to date. Currently checking Thunderbolt controller drivers to see if there is an update. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as problems of this type may affect our buying decisions if we can’t get it figured out.

on 16-11-2021

Quick check, are the Intel drivers up to date? For the on-board GPU?

Also check Windows update, sometimes you can install optional updates which relate to GPU drivers as well.

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