CSV-5300H Issue

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This issue seems sporadic and hard to reproduce every time. I am using a CSV-5300H connected to a R9 290 card, running a total of 6 monitors.

·        1x Display via an HDMI cable to HDMI port on the card.

·        2x Display via DVI cables to DVI ports on the card.

·        3x Display via HDMI cables to HDMI ports on the MST hub.
Originally, I would lose monitors with an error stating that the maximum number of monitors has been exceeded on the display port. At this time, I am not longer receiving this message, though i am still having the sleep issue (very repeatable). It is my understanding that this was an issue that was fixed in previous revisions of Catalyst (current version is 14.12).

If I put the computer to sleep (SSD and monitors), the display port monitors will not wake up. Once the computer is restarted, the monitors are restored. If the computer is not immediately restarted (within 5 minutes), I must cycle the power to the hub. The monitors are connected directly with an HDMI cable.

I have also been in contact with AMD. So far, they are thinking this may be an issue with the MST hub. Possibly a firmware update??

As a side note, it might be in Club 3D’s interest to get on this AMD Recommended Devices list:


Any help is appreciated!

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3 on 22-05-2015

Thank you for contacting us.
In regards to the mainboard you have, can you detail us which model and make?
We have found that some older mainboards 5+ years have this issue with the sleep/standby.
Can you describe to us the monitor you have? Some displays such as DELL you need to enable DP 1.2 under settings.
Check under your mainboard BIOS the suspend mode if it is creating a conflict with your OS

S0 (Working) is lit. The CPU functions in entirety; the conservation of power is on a basis of by-device.

S1 (Sleep). The CPU is stopped; The RAM is regenerated; the system functions in reduced power.

S2 (Sleep 2) The CPU does not have any power; The RAM is regenerated; the system is in lower mode of the S1.

S3 (Standby) The CPU does not have any power; The RAM regenerates at minimum; the power supply unit is in mode of reduced power. This mode is also called “Save to RAM”.

S4 (Hibernate). All is powered off, but the memory was saved like temporary file on the hard drive. This mode is called “Save to disk”.

S5 (Off) Everything is shutdown. Means you need a full reboot.

S3 is the best. It uses less power and reboots faster.

Vista and Win 7 have hybrid sleep.

So what is Hybrid Sleep?

Hybrid Sleep is a low-power sleep state that can also protect your open programs and documents in current working state as sysem enter Sleep state while your computer sleeps. Hybrid sleep is defined mostly for desktop system as notebook PC already has safeguard measure mentioned above, which brings system into hibernation when battery power almost runs out, or if you’re not using battery on your notebook computer.

In Hybrid Sleep mode, system saves any open documents and programs to memory and to your hard disk, and then puts your computer into a low-power state as in normal Sleep/Standby state. An advantage of hybrid sleep is that if a power failure occurs, Windows can restore your work from your hard disk. If a power failure such as power outage occurs when your work is saved only to memory (as in Sleep mode), all work is lost. In Hyrid Sleep mode, if the computer suddenly loses power, users can still recover to last working state as when computer enters hybrid sleep mode because all data in memory is saved in hiberfil.sys hibernation file. In this case, the computer is acted exactly same with hibernation mode to resume computer activity, and yet still enjoy the benefit of fast return to full operation of Sleep mode.

However, Hybrid Sleep mode takes longer or slower than basic Sleep mode due to the fact that it will need to save memory state into hibernation file as it was going into hibernate before actually going into sleep. You won’t see Hybrid Sleep button in Vista though. Once you enable Hybrid Sleep mode, whenever system enter Sleep mode, i.e. click on Sleep in Power option, Vista will always put the computer into Hybrid Sleep mode. If the Hybrid Sleep support is disabled or turned off, Sleep button will continue to be normal Sleep button.

on 26-05-2015

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the response. The suspend mode is set to S3. I am using a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 and am using (6) Asus VS247H-P monitors. Being that I am running HDMI from the MST hub, the DP setting issue with some monitors would not be an issue, correct?

Again, thanks for the help!

on 26-05-2015

Hi Paul,

In addition, I am finding that once I have all 6 monitors working, I can put the monitors to sleep (not HD sleep) and they will come back without an issue. If I restart the computer or shut down and boot up immediately, there is not an issue. If I shut down for approximately 5 minutes or more, the MST hub monitors will not come on. By shutting the computer down and cycling the power to the MST hub, then booting up the computer, I will get my 6 monitors back.

To get all 6 monitors working initially, I need to plug in only the MST hub monitors. Once up and running, I will then plug in each additional non-hub monitor one by one.

Thanks again.

on 26-05-2015

Can you turn off the computer, unplug the power cable and press the start button for at least 4 to 5 seconds to drain the battery? Do the same with the MST Hub.
Plug everything back and restart the system and see if this resolves the problem.

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3 on 29-05-2015

Hi Paul,

Thank you, again, for the response! Yes, this brings back all (6) screens. Though, after the computer is shut down for any greater than approximately 5 minutes, the issue repeats itself (no MST hub monitors).

As a band-aid, with the computer off, I cycle power to the MST hub and all (6) screens come on once booted up. Given the computer is off, doesn’t this sound like an MST hub issue, rather than a motherboard/driver issue?

I appreciate all your help with this issue, though I am running out of time. May 30th is the deadline for me to return this unit.


on 30-05-2015

Look at the mst cable with a white sticker, can you write down the firmware version? 0.4…something

on 30-05-2015

FW: 0.45

on 31-05-2015

That is the latest firmware.
Can you disable Pll over voltage on our mainboard BIOS?

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1 on 05-06-2015

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay. The problem seems to be constantly transforming. It is difficult to even get 6 monitors going now. If I can get five monitors up, I must manually turn off and on one of the monitors to get it to recognize it. Otherwise, all screens keep flashing as if another monitor is added, though it cannot find it.

I have disabled PLL overvoltage (re-enabled to try to see if this resolves my current issue) without any change. This seems difficult to diagnose, being it seems to be a combination of the MST hub (being cycling of the power is necessary) and poor catalyst software (first time dealing with AMD software and cards. Not happy).

Again, thanks for all your patience, quick responses, and help. Let me know if you have any other ideas to fix this.

on 06-06-2015

The last thing is to service the MST Hub. Can you open an RMA to the shop where you bought it?
If not please contact our [email protected]

Enclose this thread so they know the story behind your MST Hub.

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