Important Question… 2006 Apple Cinema Display into Mac Studio USB-C or USB-A port?

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I bought this item from you below on Amazon to hook up my 2006 apple cinema display to my new 2022 Mac Studio…

Club3D CAC-1510-A USB C to Dual Link DVI-D Adapter HDCP Off for Apple Cinema Displays, 3840×2160@30hz, 2560×1600@60Hz

I have a 2022 Mac Studio computer and I need to plug my 2006 apple cinema display into it. S/N 2A6295QQUG0 MODEL A1082 (EMC None)

When your adapter above arrived, I read the paperwork inside, and you said the following…

“General note for all type of OS users: Please do NOT forget to connect the USB cable for powering the unit to a correct type USB-A port”

IMPORTANT… Does your statement above apply to me? Because my computer is a 2022 Mac Studio which is macOS and NOT OS or OSX.

IMPORTANT… So then is it OK to just plug the
USB-C end of your adapter directly into a USB-C port on my 2022 Mac Studio? …I don’t have to plug plug into a USB-A port do I?

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Those instructions must be for a CAC-1010, not the CAC-1510, since the CAC-1510 uses a USB-C connection for both DisplayPort and USB power.

For the CAC-1010, the DisplayPort connector doesn’t have enough power to do the DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI conversion, so that adapter includes a USB-A connector to get the additional power.

For people that have the CAC-1010, the “all types of OS” refers to all OSes, including Mac OS X, OS X, and macOS.

For the CAC-1510, just plug it into a USB-C port that supports USB-C Display Port Alt Mode. This includes all Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 ports and most USB4 ports.

The CAC-1010 and CAC-1510 and probably all other DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapters require 4 lanes of DisplayPort (with HBR link rate) to achieve 2560×1440 60Hz or 2560×1600 60Hz or 3840×2160 30Hz. Some USB-C docks might only support 2 lanes of DisplayPort. That’s not a problem with a direct connect to a Thunderbolt/USB4 of a host computer or a Thunderbolt dock. An MST hub can be used to convert 2 lanes of HBR2 or HBR3 to 4 lanes of HBR. Some USB-C docks include an MST hub.

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What I have is the 1510 …..the instructions I included in my posting was for OS users. I have a Mac Studio so I am macOS and not OS so those instructions don’t apply to me. I can just plug it directly into a USB-C port. Haven’t tried it yet, but I know it’s gonna work from what I’ve read.

Thank you so much for your response


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