Latency of conversion from HDMI to Displayport

Updated on 21-11-2021 in Adapters and Cables
2 on 17-11-2021

I’m considering to buy a HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter (CAC-1331) to connect Nintendo Switch and PS4 to the display that does not have HDMI port. Now, I’m wondering the latency of conversion from HDMI to Displayport because the latency is significantly important to the games I play. Is the latency exists in the conversion?

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1 on 17-11-2021

Doubt there is any noticeable latency on the adapter. Just make sure you use the a good DP cable as well.

I’d suggest the CAC-2068, even tho the cable is DP1.4 and the adapter is DP1.2 you have a future proof cable.

on 21-11-2021

Thank you for answering! I’m glad to hear the any noticeable latency. When I use the converter, I’ll carefully choise the DP cable as your suggest.

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