Playstation 5 to apple studio display

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1 on 12-12-2023

So many Club 3D connectors. Which one for connecting my Playstation 5 to Apple Studio Display with only 1 Thunderbolt and 3 USB-C ports?


I will be using the Elgato HD60X

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0 on 13-12-2023

CAC-1336 but I don’t know if it works with the PS5 and Apple Studio Display combination or with the PS5, Elgato HD60X, Apple Studio Display combination.

Since the Elgato HD60X is limited to HDMI 2.0, a CAC-1332 might be sufficient. The CAC-1333 is similar but doesn’t include a USB 2.0 connection which might be useful for the USB features of the display. The CAC-1334 is a cable version of the CAC-1333 adapter.

I think only the CAC-1335 and CAC-1336 can support 5K resolution. I don’t know if PS5 supports 5K. All other older HDMI to DisplayPort or USB-C adapters/cables are limited to 4K.

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