Timeout with Docking?

Updated on 25-10-2016 in Docking Station
14 on 24-12-2015

I have a CSV-3103D docking on my ASUS notebook (4k Display) with a Nvidia 960M connected to a Monitor with 2560×1440. After some time (after energy saving starts with the display) the docking seems to timeout the display and after re-activating the display, my windows have moved to the primary screen. Is it right, that there is a timeout with the docking station and can that be deactivated?

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5 on 24-12-2015

Hi Hansge, since your Asus notebook must be quite recent given the presence of a 4K panel I assume you run Windows 10 on it? 

If you are, the issue you’re experiencing is a known issue with DisplayLink products working with Windows 10. It’s expected that the issue will be resolved with an upcoming driver update. For more info please see the DisplayLink knowledge base: http://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/525125-displaylink-and-windows-10  

on 26-12-2015

Hi RoyalKing,

Thank you for your reply and the hint. That seems familiar.
Hope it gets a solutions soon.

on 13-06-2016

Did this get resolved? Its 6 months later and I can’t get the GigaLan to instal correctly, should I have gone with a different brand?

on 15-06-2016

I connected my monitor directly to the notebook as I still had graphical issues via the docking

on 16-06-2016

Did you try to disable the NVIDIA Graphics temporary to check if iT would work just on the Intel integraties Graphics ?

on 17-06-2016

Yes I did, but it did Not help.

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7 on 21-06-2016

Hi Hansge,
i know that DisplayLink just came out with a Beta Driver for WIN10 … 
Before installing that however please first un-intall the old one.

on 21-06-2016

Hi MST1407,

I have installed the latest Beta Driver and looking forward how it will behave 🙂

on 24-06-2016

Still crap … graphical issues appear again after some time. Switched back to direct monitor connection at the notebook. SW Development seems to be something for experts.

on 27-06-2016

I got adivse from R&D at factory …
Please uninstall all Displaylink software or any other software you might have installed for the CSV-3103D. Reboot with Docking Dis-connected.
First install latest available software for CSV-3103D and only after that connect the Docking.

on 04-07-2016

Nice try. Didn’t work either.
I hate software which does not do the job.
Perhaps going for the Club 3D wasn’t so a good idea at the end.

on 05-07-2016

Well that DisplayLink GPU is one of the few in the world that can do 4K 30Hz over USB3.0, and that usually works just fine. Not much help in this case of course for which we are truly sorry. I am still convinced it must be a setting somewhere, it seems impossibe that this Docking works fine in just about all setups but not with your Asus notebook. I mean i have heard of Energy Safe Modes “being in the way” of 3rd party software, so i would always advise to disable all Energy Safe Modes your system and/or Screen(s) have.
What graphical issues you see on the screen ? can you send a screenshot, than we can escalate to R&D at the factory.

on 24-10-2016

I gave back the CLUB 3D and bought a TARGUS, no more issues since 3 month

on 25-10-2016

Good to hear that works for you and sorry for the inconvenience

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