Windows 10 64 bit legacy drivers. Club-3D R9 270 graphics card.

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Good day,

Seems not be able to install latest Windows Legacy Drivers. For my Club-3D R9 270 graphics card. EAN: CGAX-R927614

correct drivers as per AMD (Revision Number: Adrenalin 22.6.1 Recommended (WHQL) as per AMD).

All instaalation attemps ending with and Error 182
[Error 182 – AMD Software Installer Detected AMD Graphics Hardware in Your System Configuration That Is Not Supported]

Can’t find a driver secction on

Hope someone can help me out.

Greetings Tomas

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2 on 14-09-2023

None X link. But are you on Windows 11? Then those drivers will not work.

Also DDU your graphics drivers.

Nonetheless the GPU is 10 years old. I believe Club 3D no longer services (if any) those cards as they stepped away from GPU’s quite sometime ago now.

on 20-09-2023

Hello Baak,


Thank you very much for your attention. Unforunatly that driver doe not work either. also not after DDU the old drivers. I’m running Windows 10 on the machine as it is not ready for Windows 11.

Anyhow you are right, it is an very old system that I try to get working for my kids. 

So they have to work with the stock windows 10 drivers from windows update.

on 21-09-2023

Hi Tomas,

Maybe this older Reddit post might be able to help you:

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0 on 21-09-2023

Driver Genius from can help find drivers and keep them up to date. I use it on all my Macs and PCs running Windows 10. I don’t know if it will help with your Radeon R9 270 issue though.

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