Cac 1504 latest firmware/drivers

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I purchased a cac-1504 usb3.1 type-c to hdmi 2.0 adapter. I having trouble with differing machines. Could I please have a link for the latest firmware.
How do I install/ upgrade it?

Also I using windows 10 64-bit are there any updated drivers?

Thanks for your help.

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Good day FredBelfast,
Sorry to hear this,

To be able to sned a video signal over USB C ouput ojt he system, it needs to have Displayport Alternate (Alt) Mode support. Please check if the system(s) you are testing with have that.

I will have [email protected]┬ásend you an email with link to the latest Firmware for the CAC-1504.

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1 on 04-09-2017


I have recently purchased a CAC-1504 (Rev: A0-02) adapter but I cannot set it to 60 Hz in 4K mode. (only 30 Hz)
My computer is an MSI GT72 6QE and my monitor is an LG 27UD69.

Do I have to update any drivers?

Thank you for your help.

on 05-09-2017

Hello Robert,
Sorry to hear this.
[email protected] will send you an email with latest firmware for the adapter.
That might just do “the trick” …

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